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The Modern & Powerful

Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin


Drag and Drop Menu Builder

You can build any arbitrary structure for your menu and also build variety of beautiful menus. For doing this, you choose your desired element at first and then, arrange it using Drag & Drop. You can also define several Sub Navigation and add an arbitrary element to your menu.



Try Some Of Our Menu Demos.

There is not any limitation to build your own menus! so start now.


Modern Hamburger Menu with Various Settings

The Stars menu builds an exceptional and modern menu. You can easily control the position, size and color of the hamburger icon and choose an animation style within 17 different ones. Also, you can customize the Hamburger menu bar style, completely and specify various animations and a background for Hamburger Bar or choose a different logo and other items from the main logo of Menu.


Stars Menu includes an awesome mobile menu for WordPress.

By using The Stars menu, you can add an attractive responsive mobile navigation menu to your website which is presented a User Experience (UX) for users. These menus are similar to the native and popular mobile menus. You can also customize its style and choose a background for it. Its demo can be seen by lowering the size of explorer to 960 pixels or smaller and clicking on the hamburger icon.


Variety of amazing animations

  • Choose from 19 different submenu transition
  • Choose from 27 different Top level menu item hover effect
  • Choose from 19 different hamburger bar animation
  • Choose from 15 different hamburger background animation
  • Choose from 13 different hamburger Icon animation
  • Choose from 31 different scroll animate to anchored element


Full Control over menu skins

Customize skins easily through the menu settings. You can customize the background color, hover color, active color … for each menu item you can choose the colors separately via the menu settings for that item.


Also called a fixed navigation

Activating sticky menu and your navigation will stick to the top of your screen while scrolling down the page. The color, transparency, elements, logo and styles of Menu can be different from your main menu.


Custom Themes with 200+ Customization options

The Stars menu allows you to build interesting, professional and dedicated (unique), easily. Each menu item has a setting panel which allows you to customize each item menu. Also, you can build your desired Theme by customizing more than 200 options and assign them to your menus. The setting panel of items and themes makes it possible to build any desired menu without any programming knowledge. There is a search box on top of setting panel which you can find your desired options and build your own attractive, professional and unique menus.


Using Your Custom Icon Font

You can use our default Icon Sets like font awesome, stars menu line icon and etc. or upload your desired Icon Sets and utilize them for menu items and other settings.


Shortcodes, Maps, Contact Forms & more.

Stars Menu lets you add any HTML, shortcode, or widget you like to the menu. They can be used even at Menu Bar && Menu Top Level and building your menu more flexible.


Search Box, Social Bar, Cart Icon, Logo, Images, …

You can easily build your desired menus by adding Advanced Elements & Items to your menu.
  • You can add Multiple Sub Navigation Element (Add Dynamic Elements)
  • You can add Logo Element
  • You can add Search Box Element
  • You can add Social Bar Element && Social Items
  • You can add WooCommerce Cart Icon Element
  • You can add Images and Icons Items


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, come visit us in the Support Center

If you have questions beyond the Knowledgebase or Video Tutorials, the Support Center is available to you. Please note that all support requests must be submitted through the support center, and questions through all other channels (including Item Comments, Emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc) will be referred there. Thanks for your cooperation!

The Feature List

Here you can see features of the Stars Menu:

Fully Configurable

  • Drag and drop menu layout builder (Create Any Custom Layout)
  • Create Normal Horizontal Menus and Hamburger Menus
  • Hover or Click event to open sub menus
  • Built in CSS3 transitions
  • Shadows rounded corners, transparency and styles can be configured
  • Support Multi Menus in a page
  • Supports multiple menus each with their own configuration
  • Top Level Menu Items Hover Effect
  • Advanced Layouts and Positions for Images and Icons
  • Using one Theme in multiple Menus

Customization & Styling

  • Fully Control over menu skins (Customize your navigation with your own colors)
  • More than 650 Google fonts available.
  • menu builder, but with powerful extra added features.
  • Built in theme editor with 200+ customization options
  • Custom Item Styling
  • You Can Add Custom css and scss code
  • includes SASS stylesheets for developers

Advanced Content

  • Display WordPress Widgets in your menu
  • Support Add Multiple Sub Navigation Bar to menu bar (Add Dynamic Elements)
  • Support WooCommerce mini cart
  • Support Search Box Modern Element via full customize
  • Menu Logo support
  • Render shortcodes in menu items
  • Images and Background Images
  • Descriptions
  • Google Maps (via Shortcode)
  • Contact Forms (with Contact Form 7 plugin)
  • Custom HTML
  • Automatically inherit featured images
  • Support Social Bar element via support image & icon type for social items

Sub menu

  • Rounded or square corners
  • Enable shadow if needed
  • Submenus Transitions
  • Set your own speed and action time
  • Set background images for each submenu
  • Support Shift Nav for Inner Submenus
  • Specify the Dropdowns positions
  • Specify to shift internal sub-menus
  • Supports Custom Width for Sub Menus


  • Assign icons to any menu item
  • 570 free icons included (Font Awesome Icons, Simple Line Icons, …)
  • Change icon color and size to fit your design
  • Support Upload Your Custom Icons Sets


  • Online Documentation
  • Video Tutorials
  • Automatic Updates
  • Priority Support


  • WordPress 4.5+
  • Use of the WordPress Menu System
  • For Automatic Integration, a theme that meets the Requirements

Ease of Use

  • Works with your existing theme
  • Merges with WordPress Menu Management System. You’ll be familiar with it.
  • Quick and Easy UI
  • Customize colors, fonts, animation, layout, look and so much more
  • No coding involved
  • Easy to search settings


  • Automatic integration with one click for themes that meet the requirements
  • Manual integration code generated in the Control Panel for themes that do not support automatic integration
  • Includes a Stars Menu widget to place Stars Menus in your theme’s widgetized areas
  • Stars Menu Shortcode allows placement within site content (generator included)
  • Extensive menu integration documentation available

Hamburger Options

  • 19 different hamburger bar animation
  • 15 different hamburger background animation
  • 13 different hamburger Icon animation
  • Set Color, size and Position of hamburger Icon
  • Separate logo for hamburger bar
  • Full Customize Styling for hamburger bar
  • Hover or Click event to open Hamburger bar

Responsive & Mobile

  • Add an Awesome Mobile Menu to your site
  • Choose mobile responsive breaking point
  • Hide items for different screen sizes
  • Works on every platform, including, mobile, pc and tablet.
  • Sorting elements of the vertical part of Mobile Menu by Drag & Drop
  • Separate logo for mobile menu
  • ability to determine the height of the horizontal part of mobile menu
  • The opening capability of the mobile menu’s vertical part on left or right side
  • The opening capability of mobile menu sub-menus on left or right side
  • The capability of adding Background image which is specified to vertical part of Mobile menu.
  • The capability of complete customization of mobile menu’s styles.

Sticky menu

  • Height, color, transparency, font and more for sticky menu can be
  • Separate logo for sticky menu
  • Disable or enable elements on sticky men


  • Tested in all modern desktop and mobile browsers
  • Clean code with a low memory footprint
  • Valid CSS3 with no! important or inline CSS styles
  • Supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera
  • Browser Support: Chrome, Firefox, IE9, IE10, IE11+, Opera, Safari (Mac)
  • Transition support in IE10+,

And Much More!

  • Independently override trigger on each menu item
  • Smooth scroll to anchored element
  • PHP API for developers
  • Custom Arrows
  • Support Divider for Menu Items & Elements
  • Top Level Menu Items Full Height Support
  • Allow Shortcodes in Navigation Labels & Descriptions
  • Add Custom Content for after and before of menu
  • Supported RTL

Stars Menu Pro

Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin

    Single Licence

    Use on 1 site
    Support and updates for 12 months

    Extended Licence

    Use on Unlimited site
    Support and updates for lifetime

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